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Académie Ridaventure.

Ride, Conquer, Triumph.

Académie Ridaventure is one of only three BMW Motorrad partner schools in Canada. Whatever your skill level on a motorcycle, the school offers a tailored training program to elevate your riding prowess, boost your confidence, and amplify the joy you find in every journey. With a diverse range of courses, from novice explorers to seasoned adventurers, we’re here to kickstart an extraordinary riding adventure. Begin your transformative journey today.

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Discover Your Perfect Ride

Choose Your Adventure with Our Tailored Packages

Ready to elevate your motorcycle experience? Whether you’re starting your journey or looking to master new skills, our range of courses at Académie Ridaventure has something for every rider. From serene trails to challenging terrains, our expert instructors guide you through every twist and turn. Select from our diverse packages and embark on an adventure that’s crafted just for you. It’s more than a course; it’s a gateway to the ride of your life.

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Why choose Académie Ridaventure

Learn from certified teaching professionals

The school is under the expert guidance of internationally-acclaimed instructors who have been meticulously trained and certified by BMW. These elite instructors honed their skills in Germany, the heart of BMW Motorrad excellence.
What sets them apart? They not only teach the globally recognized course curriculum developed and rigorously tested by BMW Motorrad, but they also bring tried-and-tested learning techniques to riders worldwide.

So, what does this mean for you? When you enroll in our school, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. You’ll benefit from time-tested teaching methods that ensure your safety and elevate your riding skills. It’s more than just a school—it’s an exhilarating journey into the world of BMW Motorrad, guided by the very best.

Want to try an iconic BMW Motorcycle?

Ride an icon in the sport adventure market

Académie Ridaventure has the new 2024 BMW R1300 GS and F900 GS models available as a package option.

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Your journey to becoming a master rider begins with a single step: registration. At Académie Ridaventure, we’re ready to guide you on a path filled with exhilarating experiences and expert training.

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"Riding a motorcycle is not just a journey; it's a dance with the wind, a symphony of senses, where every road becomes a path to freedom."